Amy Binner

Personal Details



I am an environmental economist.  I completed my  BA degree in Economics at Trinity College, Cambridge.  My exposure  to public economics and experiences as a research assistant for Professor Robert Neild fostered my interest in environmental economics and my passion for research. I completed my MSci in Environmental and Resource Economics at UCL and, following this, began my PhD at the University of East Anglia in 2008. 


Research Interests

My research interests include environmental economics, in particular non-market valuation, spatial econometrics, microeconometrics and modelling individual decision making processes.

PhD Research

My PhD thesis investigates the theoretical and empirical nature of spatial processes in environmental economics.  I am especially interested in the relationships and interactions between models of location choice (hedonic and equilibrium sorting models) and the spatial dimensions of the underlying processes, and applications of these methods to the design and evaluation of policy.


Dr Brett Day and Professor Ian Bateman